The Ecocity Framework

In order for a city to achieve basic “ecocity” status, the following conditions would need to be addressed.

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Bio-Geo-Physical Conditions

CLEAN AIR The city maintains a level of air quality that is conducive to good health within buildings, the city’s air shed, and the atmosphere.       HEALTHY SOIL Soils within the city and soils associated with the city’s economy, function, and operations meet their ranges of healthy ecosystem functions as appropriate to their …

Ecological Imperatives

  HEALTHY BIODIVERSITY Biodiversity of local, bio-regional and global ecosystems is sustained, including species diversity, ecosystem diversity and genetic diversity; natural habitat and biodiversity is restored.       EARTH’S CARRYING CAPACITY Demand on ecosystems is within the limits of the Earth’s bio-capacity, converting resources restoratively and support regional ecological integrity.         …

IEFS Indicator Development

Ecocity Builders and its network of Partner Advisers is creating the first International Ecocities Framework and Standards (IEFS) so participating cities may assess their ecological condition in conjunction with a global network of local governments and subject matter experts committed to a whole-systems improvement process. The goal of the IEFS is to provide support and …

Socio-Cultural Features

HEALTHY CULTURE Cultural activities that strengthen eco-literacy, patterns of human knowledge and creative expression, symbolic thought and social learning are developed and nurtured.           COMMUNITY CAPACITY BUILDING Full and equitable community participation is supported in decision-making processes, along with legal, physical and organizational support for neighborhoods, community organizations, institutions and agencies …

Urban Design – Built Form and Accessibility

ACCESS BY PROXIMITY The city provides the majority of its residents with walkable access from housing to basic urban services. It also provides walking and transit access to close-by employment options.